“I have had the opportunity to employ Mario Sikora and the Action to Awareness programs with several management teams over many years. I have found them to be an outstanding way to strengthen the team dynamics for new, and established, leadership teams while improving overall team chemistry and strengthening one-on-one relationships within the team.  This work helps foster improved communications around the tough issues that challenge most teams.  It is always one of the first programs I deploy when joining a new team.”

Charles Dougherty, CEO, Hardinge Inc.


“I have been working with Mario for over 10 years and have held a variety of positions during that time. The engagement has been invaluable as I have transitioned from being a team member to leading teams to leading leaders of teams. Understanding my personality and leadership strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of my team, has enabled me to be a better leader and accelerated my professional development.”

John Hewitt, SVP/General Manager, DataCommunications Group, TE Connectivity 


“I have known and worked with Mario Sikora for over 15 years. He brings a completely unique and dynamic approach to the realm of executive development and personal awareness. An organization or an individual can not grow and acquire ever-higher levels of performance without a clear understanding of the personal strategies we all favor and interact with. Mario's approach is without dogma or personal bias. His use and application of the Enneagram model could not be better-honed for the organization or individual seeking a practical approach to improving their effectiveness in developing highly functional teams. He uses this personality model along with his own intuition and well-trained eye to break down the obstacles that stand in the way our peak performance. By establishing high levels of direct one-on-one connection with the client Mario is able to lock in a sustaining environment in which the leader is able to drive themselves on a career long journey of actualizing their highest potential. 

Timothy P. Schermerhorn, Vice President & General Manager, Ericsson

“In searching for the right executive coach, I interviewed a number of candidates.  Mario was different from the others in that he was able to quickly assess what I needed from a coach.  Working together we developed an individualized plan that leveraged my strengths and focused on specific areas of development.  The result is that I have enhanced confidence and maturity as a senior leader in my company.   Given his background, style, and my personal experience with Mario, I highly recommend him.”

Ken Manne, Vice President & General Counsel, Nuclear Electric Insurance Limited


“Mario Sikora is a highly effective professional consultant for individuals and group development and growth.  What separates Mario from the large number of ‘consultants’ is a unique blend of intelligence that has enabled his creation and application of tools and processes vs. the more ‘rote’ form of delivering simplistic two-dimensional models that are often a broad brush for all.

   “Mario will approach assignments from an ‘inside and self-knowledge’ out then out again to the group as a system of individuals. His greatest strength is that he truly listens when most consultants are inclined to talk, present, and try to impress. He will want you and your group to become effective and he is very effective in his role as a catalyst to create deep learning, personal growth, and successful outcomes.”

Ed Zakrzewski, Director, Human Resources, PEI Genesis


“It’s been a pleasure working with Mario over the last 15 years.  As a new manager he taught me to identify and eliminate blind spots, to improve self-awareness and to appreciate personality differences in organizations.  More recently, he has helped me build several high-performing teams by improving their ability to work together and with other departments.  Mario uses both individual coaching sessions and team building exercises to achieve tangible and lasting results.“ 

Louis Donofrio, Vice President Product Management, RES Software

What Our Clients are Saying

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