What Makes Us Special

We weave together two decades of executive coaching and consulting experience with the most useful insights from cognitive and evolutionary psychology; time-tested leadership and management practices; and personality studies.

Our unique advantage is our cutting-edge and practical programs utilizing the Enneagram model of personality style for leaders, teams, and organizations of all sizes. No one matches our innovative and global experience with the Enneagram in organizations of all sizes worldwide. 

Our Approach


We help our clients increase self-awareness in real-time. They learn to become skillful in identifying and modifying their unproductive habitual tendencies.



We help our clients align their view of the world with the reality of the world and equip them with a process for challenging their assumptions and resolving the conflicting commitments that block change.



Specific action plans enable our clients to adopt new behaviors by strategically practicing the right behaviors in a deliberate way. We help individuals go from relying on outmoded habits to developing and practicing effective action.

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Critical-Thinking Skills for Leaders
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