The Personalities@Work Program

Our signature program can be conducted in half-day, full-day, and two-day versions and can be customized for senior leaders, mid-level leaders, and front-line leaders.

Instinctual Leadership: Half-day and Full-day Programs

Each of us has a particular instinctual focus of attention that shapes what we value. This focus influences our leadership style, creating strengths and blind spots.

  • Preserving leaders are focused on the nuts and bolts of leadership—processes, structures, administration, etc., but they can be overly conservative and uninspiring.

  • Navigating leaders are focused on group dynamics and culture, and they are often good strategic thinkers; but they can struggle with execution and administration.

  • Transmitting leaders are focused on the intensity and excitement of the business—selling their vision, ideas, and products to whomever will listen—but they can struggle to read subtle cues from others or changing group dynamics.

The Instinctual Leadership Program explores these three leadership styles and equips each style to leverage their strengths and overcome the liabilities caused by their unconscious focus of attention.

Personalities@Work: Two-day Program

Participants go even deeper in building their awareness of personality styles and their effect on individual and group performance in this two-day program.

The Personalities@Work program helps organizations develop their employees’ skills in self-awareness and emotional intelligence, which are crucial for a successful and engaged workplace.

Personalities@Work empowers groups to improve communication and cooperation, reduce conflict, and increase appreciation for diversity by exploring the three instinctual biases and nine personality styles found in the workplace. Participants learn about about their personality style, the personality styles of their coworkers, and how those styles affect every aspect of the business.

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